Metier is a bicycle shop, training gym and communal space steeped in the rich culture of cycling. Our team is committed to providing our customers with a best in class experience, whether you are new to the cycling world or looking to push your limits as a competitive athlete. 

Premium Bike Shop & Service Course

Metier is focused on providing our customers with expert advice on premium bicycle brands and accessories that we believe in. Our service course features experienced and professional technicians who are ready to service any bicycle you bring through our doors.


The Métier training facility is not a traditional gym, it’s a movement space designed for those who appreciate attention to detail and features practical training tools that are simple and effective. Métier offers personal training programs, physiological testing, coaching for cyclists and membership options.

Group Classes & Schedule

Métier offers Redcord, Foundation, Bodyweight, Lifting and a variety of strength and conditioning classes designed to challenge and inspire. Our professional instructors are experienced athletes who understand the demands of life, sport, and the art of teaching. All classes take place in the main level studio space.

Cycling Club

The Métier Cycling Club is for those who appreciate the culture and community that cycling fosters. Our club is a diverse group that rides and races bicycles with intent. We welcome riders of all abilities who share in our love of the sport. We offer experience and knowledge about all things cycling to our members and built a clubhouse called Métier that was founded on the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Godspeed the rider.