Shop Experience

The Métier retail space provides cyclists at every level of the sport with exceptional selection, service, and hospitality.

The showroom, the fixtures, and the displays are far removed from the status quo, providing our customers with a unique shopping experience.

Our focus is on products and apparel that provide exceptional function and style. Our knowledgeable staff all have backgrounds in bicycle racing, touring, and commuting and are ready to share their experience to assist you.

In our showroom you will find complete bicycles and frame sets from Colnago, Cervelo, OPEN, 3T, Orbea and Factor.

We carry men’s and women’s clothing from AssosVelocio and Pas Normal Studios; shoes from ShimanoLake and Fizik, as well as a complete offering of accessories and nutrition products from Skratch, Science in Sport and Klean Athlete.

Métier is a bicycle shop dedicated to the details. Here we all share a passion for better, a love for the stories and joy in the endeavor. Godspeed the rider!

Service Course

The Métier Service Center features three of Seattle’s finest mechanics who are ready and willing to service any bicycle you bring through our doors. Our mechanics are commuters, mountain bikers, messengers and road and track racers who will treat your bicycle like it’s their own.

This tune up is designed for preventative maintenance and is recommended at least twice per year. We adjust your shifting and braking, lube your chain, wipe the bike down, true your wheels and make sure that your bike is safe to ride. This will also give us the opportunity to inspect your chain, brake pads, tires and cables/housing.

The pro tune takes our standard tune to the next level and is designed for bikes that need another level of attention. It includes all of the adjustments of the standard tune plus cleaning the drive train, washing the bike, hub adjustments/lubrication and installation of cables/housing, chain, cassette and tires. We recommend the Pro Tune 2-4 times per year/season.

New parts not included in the price. Shop Rate is $80 per hour plus tax.

The Overhaul is designed to make your bike look and feel new again; it’s like a spa day for your bike! This tune includes all of the services or the Standard and Pro tune plus complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of every component. We recommend the Overhaul at least once per year/season.

New parts not included in the price. Shop Rate is $80 per hour + tax.
  • Flat Fix: $10
  • Tire Install: $10
  • Bike Wash & Lube: $50
  • Minor Brake or Shift Adjustment $8
  • Major Shift or Brake Adjustment $16
  • Brake Bleed: $30 Each
  • Wheel True $15-$30
  • Spoke Replace: $25-$30
  • Glue Tubular: $65 (includes glue)
  • Tubeless tire install $22 (includes sealant)
  • Fork Service: $80hr
  • Suspension Service: $80hr
  • Wrap Handlebars: $15
  • Install Chain or Cassette: $15
  • Replace External Cable: $15
  • Replace Internal Cable: $25
  • Replace ALL Cables/Housing: $60
  • Replace ALL Internal Cables: $80
  • Install STI Shifters: $80
  • Derailleur Install: $20
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment: $25
  • Hub Service: $80hr
  • BB Service: $80hr
  • Headset Service: $80hr
  • Easy Component Install: $8
  • Difficult Component Install: $25
  • Wheel Build: $65
  • Pro Wheel Build $90 (comes with spoke tension printouts & free trues for 6mo)
  • Pro Build: $225
  • Pro TT Build: $250
  • Box Bike for Shipping $70
  • Unpack & Assemble: $70
  • Rush Service: $20


Prices do not include tax.
All prices + tax.

Bike Fitting

The Métier fitting process has been developed through years of continued education, professional riding, team consulting and wind tunnel research.

We use premium equipment and the latest in science and technology to help us manage and dial in the many details of your fit. The end result is a more efficient, economical, and comfortable position in and out of the saddle, in the drops or in the aero extensions. Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a rider new to the sport, our goal is always the same: Maximize your performance. We guarantee it!

Our fit studio provides a relaxed and private environment and we’re able to make any major changes and adjustments to your bike in house. Men’s and women’s locker rooms are also available for use before and after fit sessions.

The Complete brings the whole fit process into one fit session. We go through a series of flexibility & movement evaluations, along with a history of ride experience & goals. We get each rider within their flexibility ranges with no compensations & optimize from there. Efficiency, performance & health are carefully combined using our experience & state of the art equipment. Retül Müve fits are included at same rate. The Muve fit bike allow us to perform your bike fit without your bike. We can find your ideal position in space for a custom bike or we can mimic the geometry of any bike to determine if it works with your geometry. This seamless, interactive fitting method will help you to really understand the changes that are being made to your position in real time.

All follow-ups are included for 30-days. Complete fits take ~2 hours. Bring your bike & riding gear. If you’re doing a Retül Müve fit, bring your riding gear & let us know your pedal system.

Clients who purchase a bike from Métier enjoy a 50% discount on bike fitting services.

Cycling works in the sagittal plane of motion. We dial this position through our contact point with our pedals. In most situations this means your cleat position. This segment of bike fit is commonly a mystery to most. We take the mystery out of where your cleats are aligned. Foot angulation & stance width are closely examined in our Z-plane assessment.

For our Z-plane assessment you’ll need your bike & budget 90 minutes.

This is a service that works well after you’ve previously had a Z-plane assessment or full fit & just need replacement cleats. Our certified fitters match your current cleat alignment, or set your cleats in a neutral position.

This process does not replace our custom fit process but we do use the same guidelines & experience to insure the you end up on the right size bicycle. In most cases we mock bike geometry on our Retül Müve sizing bike. Please note that this service is included if the bicycle is purchased from Métier.

Métier offers the most unique fitting experience in Seattle. Call or email us to set up your appointment.

All prices + tax.

Cycling Club

The Métier Cycling Club has a diverse core of members who come to cycling from many different backgrounds and ability levels. We welcome our club members to race in the Métier kit – however, it is not required! Our club comprises members from many different cycling teams and disciplines, multi-sport athletes, adventure riders, weekend warriors, commuters and casual cyclists. Ride with us!

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