Seattle’s Newest Music Venue? Welcome to Métier

Featured in Seattle Music Insider, March 2017

“Métier is a hip cafe with amazingly healthy and clean food, some of the best coffee in town (and that is saying a lot living in Seattle!), and also serves beer, wine, and other adult beverages. Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, it is a training center for the best cyclists in the region and beyond. Former BMC trainer and Métier co-owner, Todd Herriott is a brilliant professional cycling trainer. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the man knows his stuff. He has helped me improve as a cyclist in short order. His partner is David “The Rocket” Richter. David has won pretty much every title in the Pacific Northwest and still loves to race and ride. Métier offers physio evaluations to analyze power, output strength, etc.”

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Beyond Coffee & Bikes: Seattle’s Métier Is A Cafe & Cycling Paradise

Métier featured in Sprudge, June 2016

In my opinion, any good bicycle ride begins and ends with coffee. I am not alone; poke around in the bicycle industry and you’ll quickly find that there is a caffeinated cycling obsession. We could spend this entire article analyzing what it is about coffee and bicycles that make for a special connection, but when you boil it down to the essentials the answer is pretty simple. “Coffee is social and when you ride a bike it makes you happy,” says David Richter.

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Where to drink coffee in Seattle: #8, Métier Racing & Coffee

Seattle Eater, October 2016

Bike cafe Métier isn’t just for cyclists. It serves coffee from Slate, Elm, Sightglass, and more. And the food aspect of the shop is more than holding its own, with options like massive waffles with toppings like homemade strawberry-balsamic jam and Lummi Island smoked salmon with house kimchi.

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Métier sets the pace as new cafe + bike gym + training center opens on E Union

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, November 2015

CHS stopped by Métier Racing and Coffee this weekend as the “new athletic training and lifestyle destination” celebrated its grand opening on the backside of Pike/Pine.

“We looked at many different options, and really wanted a central location. A good meet-in-the-middle place for people in Seattle, and those coming from the Eastside, too,” co-owner Todd Herriott said in the new facility’s announcement. “We found our ideal location on Capitol Hill and we are excited about being part of its growth.”

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