Café Ride

Social pace and no drops. Weather may cancel.

We lead a Sunday café ride every weekend from the clubhouse. We like to mix up our routes, and haven’t established a list of routes here yet.

Check back in soon for more.

Club Ride

Social pace with spirited sections and regrouping.

Lunch Ride North
Wednesdays @ 12:30pm

This is our north Métier Lunch Ride option. Typically, we do the Lunch Ride 12:30pm on Wednesdays from Métier. This route travels through some historic spots in Seattle history. Including the Olmsted-built Interlaken Trail…Seattle’s first bike route. It also cuts through the UW campus & rolls up Ravena hill, before a brief off-road excursion & rolling by the UW Crew house & Husky Stadium. Before the ride ends it hits some old cobbled sectors, including one of Seattle’s steepest grades on E Roy Street. Coffee before & after…beer after, if it’s hard enough!

Lunch Ride South
Wednesdays @ 12:30pm

This is our Lunch Ride South option. It begins from Métier & rolls up to Yesler (the original skid row…this is where trees were harvested off the hill & dragged (skid) down to the waterfront in early Seattle history). Yesler drops us into one of the most popular bike routes in Seattle, Lake Washington Blvd. We take the Blvd. to Seward Park, where we have our Thursday night weekday racing in the summer. Then we hit a couple hills on the way back to Métier…E Alder & Madrona. Madrona was the KOM for the famed Microsoft GP in the 1990’s.

Club Night Ride
Tuesdays @ 6pm during winter months (rain may cancel)

Our night ride is fast and fun. We roll as a group down to Colman Park before turning south onto Lake Washington Blvd. We hit a fast pace down to Seward Park, and quickly regroup before turning north and heading toward Madrona. We partially climb Madrona Hill before turning onto a wooden footbridge and cutting through the neighborhood to the Arboretum and Interlaken.

North Loop 

This classic loop takes us north along Lake Washington before turning uphill and climbing Perkins Way. We then cruise through Edmonds and drop back down near the waterfront and climb the steep hills of Innis Arden. The remainder of the ride is fairly relaxed as the route takes us to Golden Gardens and along the canal and the Burke-Gilman trail before returning to the clubhouse.

Snoqualmie Falls 

After a long, rainy winter, we’re stoked to get some extra distance this spring. This route is challenging and beautiful, taking us through Issaquah and Fall City before visiting the roaring Snoqualmie Falls. After that, we head north through rural Carnation Valley and climb Novelty Hill before hopping on part of the Rocket Ride route.

Iron Horse Trail 

Calling all OPEN riders. This trail is for you. This trail starts at Rattlesnake Lake with 20mi of gradual uphill gravel until you confront the dark and vast opening to the Snoqualmie Tunnel. Originally an abandoned railroad tunnel opened in 1914, make sure to bring lights and a jacket for the tunnel—it’s cold and dark. The ride back is downhill, so it’s sure to be fast and thrilling.

Les Femmes

Casual pace and ladies only.

Our good friend Joanne Kiesanowski, 3-time Olympian, led a group of strong women on a series of Les Femmes rides throughout the summer and fall of 2017.

We’re looking forward to more this year.

Équipe Ride

Spirited pace.

The Rocket Ride
Saturdays @ 9am, November through February

The Rocket Ride is a forum for throwing-down on Saturday morning, so challenging that simple participation is exhilarating.

Mercer Hot Laps
Tuesdays @ 5:30pm during spring/summer

There are a few iconic Seattle rides. Mercer Hot Laps definitely qualifies as one of those rides. It’s an all-out race-pace around the bottom portion of Mercer Island, with a sprint and regroup in the middle, and at the end. If you want to ride your bike fast, enjoy some friendly competition & catch up with friends (and make some new ones), show up at the west Mercer lid on a Tuesday at 6pm. We roll from the clubhouse around 5:30pm.

Read more from Rocket Richter in our Rapports blog here.

Tuesdays @ 6pm during the spring/summer

Magnum is an équipe ride inspired by the legendary Mercer Hot Laps, and we alternate weekly between the Mercer Hot Laps and Magnum. It’s an aggressive pace with a KOM sprint on the steep Illinois Ave. inside Discovery Park, and another sprint along the Magnolia Bluffs. This route involves some stop-signs and traffic, so as always, stay alert and cautious out there.

Afterward, we roll to Reuben’s Brewery to swap war stories over beer.