Coaching for Cycling

Coaching is a relationship that revolves around communication and trust. When it comes to choosing a personal coach we understand that it’s a process and athletes have options. The Métier coaching group offers clients a very distinct level of experience. We use practical knowledge, sound training principles, and the most up to date science to empower you to achieve your best possible fitness and results.

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The Métier training facility is not a traditional gym, it’s a movement space designed for those who appreciate attention to detail and a facility that features practical training tools that are simple and effective in a very unique environment. Our space has men’s and women’s locker rooms with clean, modern showers and complimentary towel service.

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Group Classes

Métier offers Redcord, Foundation, Bodyweight, Lifting and a variety of strength and conditioning classes designed to challenge and inspire. Our professional instructors are experienced athletes who understand the demands of life and sport and the art of teaching. All of our classes take place in the main level studio space. Towel service provided!


1 class: $15.00
5 classes: $71.25 (60 days to use)
10 classes: $135.00 (90 days to use)

No refunds or transfers for class packages.
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Personal Training

The Métier approach to strength and conditioning is simple: create practical and measurable training protocols that prepare clients to meet the demands of life and sport. We don’t apply to one specific training methodology and we don’t assume you’re like everyone else. The first step with any new client is a discussion about past and present exercise/health history and objectives followed by a Functional Movement Screen that will help us identify weak links and compensations in your movement change. The next step is to start moving.

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Physio Assessment

We have been evaluating endurance athletes since 1998 with great success and we’ve refined our physiological assessment process to give you the best possible information to guide your training. We offer our clients the Z.A.P: “Zone Assessment Protocol”.

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