Nutrition Consulting

A key to true performance is a more balanced approached than ‘eat less, move more’.

Métier nutrition consulting is a commitment to evaluate deep-seeded habits from a new perspective. The program addresses nutrition habits from two main angles: intellectual and emotional. For some people, major obstacles to improved nutrition are intellectual, a matter of simply knowing what and how to eat. For many others, major obstacles are gaining insight into emotional restrictions to improving.

A 10-session package is a strong start to making change. With meetings every 1-2 weeks for 3-4 months, the coach and client develop a close and personalized working relationship.

Throughout the program, a Métier coach teaches the basics of macronutrients, energy balance, meal prepping and planning, and concepts that teach what intuitive rather than restrictive eating feels like.

The program is uniquely adapted to meet the lifestyle needs of each individual. There’s a large focus on understanding the power of small habits, and using them strategically to make meaningful changes. Creating healthy habits allows a shift from a lifestyle of over-thinking and confusion, towards one of understanding and enjoying what you eat.

Online Curriculum & Support:

Precision Nutrition’s online curriculum is a year-long online nutrition course. Its designed by PN lifelong experts across fields of nutrition, sociology and behavior change. The app provides daily articles and 2-week habit goals that get progressively more challenging throughout the twelve months. The articles are short and smart (<10 min read-time), are emailed daily, and provide powerful reminders for keeping on-track towards goals.

Access to an online account comes included in Métier’s nutrition consulting packages. The online tool is also available to anyone interested in more independent work, whether a former in-person client or not.


Métier nutrition coaches are trained through Precision Nutrition’s certification of the “Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition”. The course was designed by PhDs and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) to combine the science of nutrition with the art of coaching.

Nutrition Consulting Pricing Options

Option 1

$12550 Minutes
  • 1 session, ala-carte

Option 2

$1,00010 sessions, (discounted)
  • ~3-4 months of sessions

Option 3

  • Precision Nutrition online curriculum