The Lab at Métier

During endurance training it’s important to understand how the body produces energy in order to ensure that the proper energy pathways are being activated and trained for your desired gains. If you’re going to take the time to put in the hours, you should be sure that you are getting the most out of every minute.

We have been analyzing, testing and training athletes at every level of endurance sport for decades and we’re constantly refining our performance evaluation protocols with the most up to date science and research.

The Métier Training Lab offers physiological testing and analysis options that will establish your true baseline, define your HR and power zones and fine tune your HIT protocols. Train with purpose and truly be your best.

Wingate - $200

The Wingate test is THE traditional test of anaerobic power. The test is a 30 second maximal effort that defines your phosphocreatine and glycolytic energy systems output and is performed on our Wattbike.

Our protocol is paired with Moxy monitors, multiple efforts and lactate analysis to determine your maximal power output and your individual recovery rate for high intensity efforts.

This test is for ANYONE who performs HIT training protocols.

Lactate Analysis - $175

Hydrogen ions are a byproduct of the anaerobic system which is measured by lactate. With the understanding of lactate, we can determine your lactate threshold. This information will give us the information to establish both your heart-rate and wattage training zones which will enable you to train your metabolic systems most efficiently.

Athletes perform a ramp using their own bicycle and one of our smart-trainers with incremental increases in resistance until threshold/deflection is confirmed. With extensive experience we’ve determined the most efficient and effective protocols for collecting this information.

Moxy Assessment – Muscle Oxygen Saturation - $200.00

We use Moxy monitors as the next step towards a deeper understanding of the efficiency of your metabolic systems (energy production). Using the technology of Moxy we can determine which areas of your training need a deeper focus and establish individual training protocols for a more efficient utilization of training time (smarter not harder!). Learn more about the Moxy monitor here.

Using a Moxy protocol ramp test, and your own bicycle on a smart-trainer we are able to better understand the limiters in your performance.

All of our Training Lab sessions include an overview analysis on how to directly implement your results into your training.

Breathing Analysis - $100

Breathing can be a major limiter in athletic performance and most athletes never consider training their breathing and the muscles that control it. The demands placed upon your breathing muscles during hard training and racing can be enormous. Inspiratory muscle fatigue has both sensory and metabolic repercussions that can be a major limiter on your performance.

Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is exercising and strengthening breathing muscles. We’ve been using this training method with endurance athletes for many years with great success.

The protocol is a 30 breathe analysis using a Powerbreathe K4 handheld unit and Breathelink software. Once your results are analyzed we can recommend simple training protocols that will improve your breathing efficiency.