Métier offers Redcord, Foundation, Bodyweight, Lifting and a variety of strength and conditioning classes designed to challenge and inspire.

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Suspension Training with Redcord

Suspension Training removes weight. Redcords create a feeling of weightlessness by suspending either the upper or lower body from two overhead pivot points. Redistributing weight through suspension allows for increased mobility that’s otherwise restricted by conventional forces of gravity. It creates an increased demand for stability in the grounded body to manage weight shifts and new ranges of motion.

The increased mobility allows movement to be slowed, which in-turn allows attention into the details of alignment throughout full ranges of motion. The increased stability activates enhanced body tension.

Foundation Training - Breathing

Foundation Training deconstructs all movement to the most requisite and foundational piece – breath. As all lifestyle performance is grounded in a foundation of health, all health is grounded in a foundation of breath.

Foundation Training is a performance and posture system that lengthens and strengthens the body simultaneously. The exercises are designed to reset inefficient habits and re-align the body to more quality patterns. The practice teaches increased body awareness necessary to reverse degenerative processes that are a common cause of chronic pain.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training is weight neutral. Being weight neutral makes Bodyweight Training the default perspective for measuring baselines and progress. In this group class, we focus on the essentials of locomotion, basic strength, and flexibility. Those movements include crawling, push-ups, lunging, jumping, hollow-body holding and back bending. These sets of movements create a dose of variety in exploring a more complete human movement map. The movement essentials stay consistent from class-to-class to encourage understanding and progression. Each class ends with a dedicated focus on improving flexibility.

Lifting Training with Kettlebells

Lifting Training adds weight. Métier chose kettlebells as the lifting tool because of their versatility. They can be swung and shifted seamlessly through space, which demands full body integration as one equally seamless stabilizing unit counteracting the weight. In addition to body integration, kettlebell moves address different forms of strength improvement, through either ballistics or grinds. We focus on the two most basic of each category respectively: swings and get-ups.

Putting the body underneath increased load requires increased attention to quality alignment. In this group class, we deconstruct the swing and create a progression of basic movements. That process allows for a thorough understanding of complex movements and gives students ownership of quality form.

Trigger Point – Recovery

Frequently or intensely working the same muscle groups can cause stiff knots to form in muscle and connective tissue. Foam rolling is a method to relieve stress from those knots, encourage increased blood flow and oxygen, and create ease for increased range of motion. This class is an intro to those methods to aid recovery for stiff and sore muscles.

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